Your Ownminded_Webquantum

Your Ownminded_Webquantum is each and or any of yours blogs. Because :

As in Economy 4G3W and like in any "owndated webquantum", when you make a blog you arrange a fusion between your mind and blogger's production factors.

Your blog, is your property "ownminded webquamtum". Here it is webpowered by blogspot.com. Some plusvalues of your blog are webmindmatic. In Economy 4G3W it means "webcashmatic". Because there you work your cash and here you work your mind.

Blogging is a shared creation process of a new "mindfishing" position. As blog Author You are the partner ownership on its trinity blog's live desteny.
Tagvaporating in mindfishing position must be an universocial opportunity. I would like offer to you and very soon the Webmind_Tagvaporating_Web and the webdevice to apply and link the "mind_blogger_fusion" in The WTW.

Oh yes, the money datevaluation and the mind_blog_valuation is quite the same. Both for the Humanity.

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